Villain Town

An epic runner with tons of cute Villains to unlock !

5 stars on App Store and Google Play

Villain TownApp Store and Google Play5

Villain Town is the Spookiest place on Earth : Follow your favorite Villains for amazing adventures !

Cute Villains for everybody

In Villain Town, the world of Halloween is full of little Villains that you can collect all along the game. These characters like Drac, Vampirella, Franky, Trouille or Kinpie, are ready to be unlocked in the Shop section of the game ! The more Villain Coins you grab, the more you can make them come in your town and play with them.

New content every months

The V2.0 is now ready and added a lot of new stuff for your user experience. We added two new levels, a system of XP and Levels, health bar and more… Every month, we add some content to the game, like new characters, levels and funny stuff !


TOP! Paul, 6yo : Nothing to change, Quote : “Top!” 🙂

Paul Dufour

It’s challenging to see how far I can get each time I play. A little addicting!!! My kids think it’s cute…


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